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ОБЗОР: 3-шаговый уход за кожей Clinique и мой уход за кожей | Катрин Берндт

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  1. моя мама пользуется увлажняющим лосьоном уже более 20 лет, а ей уже почти 50 лет, и она даже не выглядит! Продукция Clinique так хороша в долгосрочной перспективе. я использовал их косметику от прыщей, и это супер здорово!

  2. It's funny that you'd post this the day I broke out and didn't want to be seen at all! Question: do you have any scars from acne, and if you do, do you have any techniques to get rid of it? I've suffered terrible acne for years and now that its not as bad I've been left with ugly scars!

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you could make a video on how you put on your foundation, I have bad skin and was wondering how you apply yours 🙂 thank you so much, your skin looks amazing! xx

  4. The Clarifying Lotion is yes a toner and light exfoliant, it lightly "peels" the dead skin off, that's why they instruct you to lightly rub and not rub it in or scrub.

  5. Been using this for first time my face is clean no red bumps and very smooth, yall should try it it works wonders

  6. clinique has made my skin soooo much better and it makes my makeup even better omg I thank clinique

  7. Your so beautiful girl

  8. Your right it is a struggle

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